Earthy Composition and Simplicity

simplicityLoving this earthy composition and the simplicity. The living plant on the mantel and the bowl of fresh picked oranges and lemons add life to this display and the glass candleholder balances the weight of the glazed pottery. Knowing how to compose and style a room is an art. I love all interior design styles but it’s the composition that I love the most, the yin and yang, the refined and the raw, and making the most of what you have creating beautiful rooms that you love simply by restyling your own things. Need a refresh of your personal space? Hit restart and give us a call for a whole new look for spring. We are booking now! #roommakeover #workwithwhatyouhave #restyle #refresh#rethinkwhatyouhave #interiorredesign #interiorredesigner#sacramentointeriordesigner #agedfireplace #woodmantel#handthrownpottery #blackandwhitephoto #longhornsteer#designinspiration #ggdesigninspirations #fireplaceinkitchen#fresheggs #bowloflemons #bowloforanges #rusticstyle

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