Interior Design Workshop

 …A Class On-The-Go!

4-6 Weeks • $195.00 per person – Group rates available.

6 Homes…6 Decorating Dilemmas…6 Problem-Solving Workshops

This is a unique, hands-on workshop with all participants traveling to each other’s homes from week to week working on individual decorating dilemmas. Under the direction of an interior designer, we’ll focus on one participant per week with that participant receiving two hours in their own home. You will learn basic design principles, gain confidence in your own ideas, and learn how to plan a room from start to finish allowing you to tackle problems on your own. This workshop is a lot of fun! Your creative juices will be flowing! It is a collaborative effort between homeowners and designers creating beautiful spaces in just a couple of hours… You will see results immediately!

Please join us for this exciting class!