Room Makeovers

 $95.00 – $145.00 per hour – Prices vary based on the scope of work.


Everyone has the same common decorating problems. Where should I place my furniture, hang my pictures, and place my accessories? What should I keep or buy? How can I make my rooms look good? Try a Room Makeover.

We will redesign your space, rethink your old ways of decorating, reuse what you have and revitalize your home, and refresh your personal all in a matter of hours.

Why Book a Room Makeover?

  • You are getting ready to sell your home.
  • You are downsizing to a smaller home or moving to a larger home.
  • You are simply tired of the way things look.
  • You have purchased new things and something is not quite coming together.

How Does a Room Makeover Work?

Design Consultation: First, you make an appointment for a design consultation. We will evaluate the room(s), give you an approximate time frame on how long the room redesign will take.

Unique Needs: Each client is unique. We will chat and listen while you tell us about your lifestyle, family, entertaining needs, and color and style preferences. We discuss priorities, time frames, and budget with attention to detail, we remain focused on the “big picture.”

Design Profile: We will identify from you how you want the room to function, what you want to keep or eliminate, and what other items may be available to us to use.

Staffing Requirements: After the design profile is completed, we’ll determine whether it’s necessary to add any staff to the design team. The typical design team consists of two people. Next, we establish an appointment.

Make-Over Day: The day of your room make-over, you should make arrangements to be away. We want you to be completely surprised with the new look. After all, we already determined the parameters at the design consultation. Later, you will call home for an update on your room make-over. When you arrive home, we will go over any pertinent details and answer any questions.


Imagine a whole new look in just a few hours!
It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s done.
Explore the possibilities… you will love the results!